Swinging Hammock Chair

SKU: SWG-100
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  • Lightweight Durable Collapsible Hammock Chair Design: Folds in seconds! This heavy duty rocking chair helps you relax and adds a perfect addition to your camping supplies, beach accessories or camp accessories makes your life a lot easier and keeps you well prepared. Avoid the back problems and avoid the strain on your body let the MacSports hammock chair help you relax and enjoy your day.
  • Built with Quality: The MacSports Heavy Duty Hammock Chair can take 225lbs of weight which gives you excellect comfort for all body types take it with you on a family vacation, to the beach, or on a camping trip to go with your beach accessories or camping accessories to help you enjoy your weekend.
  • Lightweight Durable Collapsible Design: After you are done using the MacSports Hammock Rocking Chair it can easily fold in seconds and be put away and takes up little to no space at all for storage and easily folds into its hammock rocking chair position whenever you so need to use it again. Weighs approximately 13lbs
  • All-Terrain Collapsible Rocking Chair: With extra support and heavy duty frame relaxing has never been better and more convenient for our customers, whether you want to use this at a soccer game, football game, sports event or go with your sports accessories, football equipment, softball equipment, soccer equipment the heavy duty hammock rocking chair is ready for it all.
  • Portable Folding Utility Hammock Chair with Maximum comfort: The MacSports Hammock Chair is ready for whatever task you throw at it, take with it with your beach bag, outdoor games,baseball bag, backyard games,sports & outdoor play toys, camping accessories, beach umbrella, the hammock chair is there with you to help you relax and enjoy your weekend.

The Mac Sports Swinging Hammock Chair is our newest engineered chair to be a part of our newest release of outdoor rocking chairs. Take it camping, out on your lawn, to the beach or aside the fire pit.  The Swinging Hammock Chair is extremely portable and lightweight while being heavy duty enough to hold up to 225 lbs. The easy fold Swinging Hammock Chairs made from a powder coated steel frame that keeps the chair both travel friendly and uv resistant. The chair is for adults, kids, seniors and everyone in between; because the SWG-100 is foldable, the chair folds flat for easy storage in cars, closets and under beds and behind doors. The chair is tall enough and high enough to fit taller (6 ft+) people and big/wide enough for body shapes of all sizes. Mac Sports really hit it out of the park with No-rust/No-springs and unfolds in seconds. The Swinging Hammock Chair is engineered to be indoors and outdoors and to last outdoors. With weather-resistant fabric and a new level of dust resistance, there is no other outdoor chair like it. The chair is engineered with brand new technology called "Cloud Rocking" that uses its own frame to rock back and forth causing better and smoother rocking motions. It also comes with carry bag so it can be taken on any outdoor excursion. The padded foam that is built into the seat provides the comfort for you while relaxing.