The MacSports Story – And How You Can Benefit:

Have you ever thought of spending more time outdoors with your kids, friends, and loved ones? Like many people who have spent too much time stuck inside sitting at a desk for 40-60 hours a week, we love to get out and experience what mother nature has to offer. But, not everyone feels they have the right gear. There’s always so much stuff to carry – so many things to bring… So, we asked ourselves, how can we make the outdoors more appealing?

As “outdoor people”, we know first-hand the significance of relaxation and convenience. Whether you’re spending time camping, tailgating or at your kid’s soccer game... So, our initial goal was to create products that make it possible for everyone to enjoy - offering convenience to get on location, comfortability on every outdoor occasion, and maximum flexibility when you return back home.


Naturally, we all appreciate quality outdoor gear. We know you are aware that there are a lot of items in the market, but we thought only a few are worth overhauling. This is why we have spent hours of studying systems, models, and blueprints to develop “nifty helpers” you’ll love for more than 1.5 decades now. 

Why We’re Doing This? How It All Began:

We want to offer everyone with a passion of being outdoors affordable, flexible, easy, and comfortable equipment that will enhance their outdoor experiences. Our goal today is to empower people to feel inspired by their surroundings in the most convenient way.


  • Tailgating in comfort before and during the big game.
  • Imagine enjoying a nice nap on our hammock while on a camping trip
  • Only having to take one trip to unload all your things when you’re at the beach
  • Sitting on your Beach Chair with your toes in the sand and breeze in your hair
  • Watching the kids play in the backyard while rocking on our Padded Rocket Chair

You might think:

Well, many other brands out there do a similar thing. And that might be so. All we ask for is to give us a try – and we’re 100% certain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And even if not, we won’t let you down and do everything in our power to make it right for you. At MacSports, we believe everyone should be able to experience the outdoors in the best way possible. We invite you to join the family of millions of Americans who discovered and experience the outdoors differently.

Our Team

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