Cane Chair [OB]

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Mac Sports Cane Chair

The Mac Sports Cane Chair was designed as a 2-in-1 solution to assist as a walking tool and a seat that can be be easily accessible to rest and relax. Health issues are common among many and the folding cane that doubles as a sitting stool is quite the durable and effective solution. They are very useful in locations like parks, beaches and malls where immediate access to sitting areas are limited. The walking cane was designed to be extremely lightweight, portable and under 2 pounds to be easy enough to unfold and taken everywhere. Easily stores in bags, airplanes and light enough to fold and carry around. The walking stick combo stool is completely airplane friendly as it will fit in the overhead bin and will be considered medical equipment and not an extra carry on item.

All Mac Sports Canes are extremely portable for women, men, adults and seniors all around. Its quad cane tips makes it more stable than other 3-legged stools or cane chairs in the market. The cane walker is collapsible and foldable, helps with mobility for the elderly like walkers and crutches. Perfect for golf activities, walking through a stadium, for travel and the park. The seating is made from 600D denier fabric and is extremely durable with a weight capacity of 225 pounds while still being small and heavy duty.